MCA is the preeminent industry voice “at the table” in Midwest policy forums supporting Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Waste Heat-to-Power (WHP) technologies.  Our goals are to promote understanding of this clean and energy efficient technology, level the playing field for CHP/WHP projects, and increase business opportunities in the Midwest for our member companies.

MCA and its Members sit on state advisory boards, advocate for pro-CHP/WHP legislation, regulations, and program initiatives, and work with regulators, utilities and other stakeholders to ensure energy efficiency policies include CHP/WHP. As business people who understand CHP/WHP technologies, project finance limitations, and regulatory barriers to CHP/WHP deployment, MCA provides the voice of the CHP/WHP industry on issues such as standby rates, avoided cost rates, net-metering, energy savings calculation, incentive programs, and alleged “cost shifting.”

MCA Member Opportunities to Participate

MCA Members who participate in MCA Policy Committee monthly conference calls stay abreast of policy activity in MCA’s eight Midwest states and gain actionable early information on programs and opportunities.  MCA Midwest Policy Updates, as well as Committee Agendas and Committee Minutes, are posted here for MCA Members’ exclusive access.

To join the MCA Policy Committee visit the MCA Membership Page.

Those Members who step up to a seat on the MCA Policy Advisory Board also have a voice in setting MCA policy positions and priorities, gain access to legislators, regulators and policy makers, and work closely with the MCA Policy Director to implement MCA initiatives. MCA Policy Advisory Board Members have additional exclusive access to Advisory Board Strategic Policy Updates, MCA Policy Strategic Plans,  Advisory Board Agendas, and Advisory Board Minutes .

To Join the MCA Policy Advisory Board visit the MCA Membership Page.


2015 Midwest Policy Opportunities

2015 is turning out to be a critical year for CHP/WHP policy in our region. Here are just some of the opportunities we have on our plate:

    • Major energy legislation is pending in Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan that could either help or hinder CHP/WHP depending on how it is drafted;
    • CHP/WHP rulemaking dockets are moving forward in Minnesota, Indiana, and Iowa – again these rules can help or hinder our industry depending on how they are drafted;
    • 111d state planning is underway in a number of our Midwest states, with a unique opportunity in Illinois to create a Midwest prototype for CHP/WHP in state greenhouse gas reduction plans;


MCA Members can obtain a more detailed list of our projected 2015 activities at MCA Policy Advocacy Activities.

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