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Justin Rathke

Justin Rathke
Vergent Power Solutions  

Justin founded Vergent Power Solutions in 2014 to develop best-in-class combined heat and power (CHP) projects from the ground up. As a developer of distributed energy projects, Vergent has developed, designed, and commissioned dozens of CHP plants across North America, with more than $200 million in project value currently under development. Since the company’s inception, it has added over one hundred fifty microturbines to its operating fleet in the United States and Canada, and now services over two hundred turbines across a variety of industries. Prior to starting Vergent, Justin served in leadership roles at Capstone Turbine Corporation. His U.S. government service included clean energy and civilian nuclear trade policy and promotion, and he was a Presidential Management Fellow.

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Justin Rathke
President & Founder
(202) 446-7347
7244 Washington Ave S
Eden Prairie, MN 55344