Missouri State Energy Planning Process (MoSEP)

Source: Newsletter for the Central & Midwest Regions of the U.S. DOE CHP TAPs

Date: December 15, 2021

The Central Region CHP TAP is supporting the Missouri state energy office as they are in the process of developing a new, regionally based energy plan. The 2015 Missouri Comprehensive State Energy Plan included specific strategies in support of combined heat and power applications and the Central CHP TAP is offering educational resources in support of CHP’s inclusion in the new energy plan. The 2020 state energy planning process began with the publication of Missouri Energy Data and Trends and a MoSEP virtual kickoff workshop in which six core values were identified to guide the statewide process:

1. Assure secure, reliable and resilient energy infrastructure and supplies.

2. Enhance Missouri’s competitive position in business retention, expansion, and attraction through affordable rates and renewable energy options.

3. Develop diverse in-state energy resources.

4. Create opportunities for energy-related technological innovation and workforce development.

5. Ensure affordability and equity in access to energy resources, services, and programs.

6. Promote the efficient and environmentally sound use of energy.

At least three rounds of stakeholder meetings will be held in each of the six regions of the state to identify regional champions to lead workgroups for initiatives to be implemented. Initiatives are defined as any work, effort, process or project that contributes to any of the six core values.

Figure 1. Missouri Department of Economic Development Regions


In the first round of stakeholder meetings, the Central CHP TAP presented how CHP supports each of the six core values, responded to stakeholder questions about CHP, provided links to CHP resources based on specific discussion, and responded to a request for a specific presentation on biogas/anaerobic digestion and CHP.   The Central CHP TAP will continue to support the process as regional initiatives are identified in which CHP may be utilized.   Additional rounds of stakeholder meetings will be focused on initiative-specific work teams developing and finalizing their regional initiatives, metrics, and implementation work plans. In the final planning stage, the Missouri Division of Energy will hold a Statewide Wrap-Up Workshop similar to the MoSEP process kickoff workshop.  Stakeholders from each region will have the opportunity to present their initiatives, metrics, work plans, and any current results. For more information, go to the MoSEP website.

Below is a list of the four presentations that the Central CHP TAP provided at the Missouri State Energy Planning Process meetings in September and October:

Salvatore (Sam) Rinaldi

Sam is on the membership committee for the Midwest Cogeneration Association. He is a Project Coordinator for the Energy Resources Center (ERC). In this role Sam is responsible for a variety of functions such as: locating funding opportunities, analyzing energy costs, energy billing and collection, preparing public relations materials, and organizing professional workshops. Currently Sam is developing and implementing a targeted outreach program to promote Energy Efficiency in selected market segments. Prior to joining the ERC, Mr. Rinaldi worked on creating, developing, and promoting a variety of companies in Venezuela. He also previously worked as an accountant for several multinational companies including Magnacraft, Maremont, and John Crane. Mr. Rinaldi holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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