Case Study on University Campus Cogeneration – Continually Striving for Energy Success at UIC

Cogeneration net efficiencies of 80 percent are possible because the technology recovers much of the steam’s latent heat. CHP continues to increase in popularity across a broad spectrum of industries. More information.

Dharam Punwani

Dharam V. Punwani is the founder and president of Avalon Consulting, Inc. Avalon provides consulting services related to the efficient generation of electric power. He specializes in technical and economic analyses, system optimization, bids preparation and evaluation, and performance testing and evaluation of combined heat and power (CHP) and turbine inlet cooling (TIC) systems. Since founding Avalon Consulting in 1996, he has successfully completed projects for industry and government in Australia, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, U.A.E, and the U.S. He has over 50 years of experience in natural gas and electric power technologies. Prior to founding Avalon Consulting, he was Vice President of Technology Development at the Institute of Gas Technology (now known as the Gas Technology Institute), where worked for thirty years. He has degrees of an MS (Chemical Engineering) and an MBA and has authored/co-authored over 120 energy technology presentations and publications, including three CHP Resource Guides. He has recently completed the manuscript for a Design Guide for Combustion Turbine Inlet Cooling for ASHRAE. His awards, professional activities, and memberships include: * ASHRAE Fellow Award in 2018 * ASHRAE Technical Achievements Award (2010)George * Chairman (2002), President (2001), and Founding Board Member (2001) of the Turbine Inlet Cooling Association * Chairman (2014-2016) ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC 1.10) for “Cogeneration" * MCA Board Member since 2010

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